To Authors



Dear Authors,

Our journal is moving to Open Journal System platform, which offers more efficient, automated management of the process of preparing texts for publication and metadata for scholarly registers. Therefore we would like you to use this system, which will facilitate our mutual cooperation.

1. Please register as an author:

2. Then use the manuscript submission form:

3. In the case of a solicited/post-conference manuscript, please write information about it in the space designed for comments to the editors.

4. In the case of an unsolicited manuscript, please write a short cover letter in the space designed for comments to the editors.

5. We have adopted the APA style for citations and reference lists. As we currently are in the transitional period of introducing this system, please do not worry about possible discrepancies, as they will be corrected by the editors. References should include DOI numbers (if available).

6. If the manuscript has more than one author, only the corresponding author enters the manuscript, including the data of co-authors in the appropriate fields.

7. If you are sending a manuscript version that has been already subjected to reviews and revisions, please write ”Revised Version” or (in the case of an accepted version after language revision) “Final Version” in the space designed for comments to the editors, and add “RV” or “FV” to the manuscript title.

8. If there are any technical issues, please contact biuro @

I. General informations

1. We accept texts in field described at the page Profile. We prefer manuscripts in correct English.

2. All manuscripts have to be submitted online (see: procedure described above).

3. The editors acknowledge of receipt and their fit to peer review. The peer reviewing process usually takes up to three months (solicited papers). The written peer reviews are sent to the authors.

II. Article processing charges

There are no charges for submission and publication of articles in Avant.

III. Authorship

The texts have to be original, not published and should not be sent simultaneously to peer review nor publishing to other journals. The prevention of publication malpractice is first the responsibility of the authors and our editors. The authors declare no conflicts of interest regarding the texts submitted for review and publication. In cases where the authors refer to their original research, the editors will issue a request for a statement regarding the financing of said research. Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

AVANT uses the anti-plagiarism system

IV. The peer reviewing process

1. Copies of the manuscript without author’s personal data are sent to two or more external peer reviewers. The peer reviewing process is double-blind.
2. The peer review process in Avant is done by strict specialists in the disciplines. They are outside of the Editorial Board, Advisory Board, publisher and place of affiliation of the author. They declare no conflicts of interest. We have the international Peer Review Board, but in many cases we ask external specialists.
3. The anonymous peer reviews (in written form) include an evaluation of the manuscript and eventual suggestions of amendments.

V. Further Requirements

1. If the author wants to use copyrighted material (photographs, graphics, etc.) he should obtain the official permission from the respective copyright holder.
2. We reserve right to proofreading. The final, ready to publish text will be sent to author.
3. The copyright remains with the author. The standard licence is CC BY-NC-ND 3.0, unless the author decides otherwise. If paper is accepted for publication after changes, author is asked to send amended version with the licence assignment.



 I. General notes

The journal publishes following types of peer-reviewed texts:
* Book Reviews (1 500 – 5 000 words; see information for book reviewers).
* Mini-Reviews (2 000 – 4 000 words; minimum 20 bibliographic items).
* Full Length Analysis and Reviews  (6 000 – 10 000 words; for Reviews: minimum 50 bibliographic items).
* Opinions, Comments and Discussions
(1 000 – 7 000 words).
* Original articles 
adequate to the profile of the Avant journal (3 000 – 9 000 words).
(The required length not includes references).

Manuscript has to contain the following parts:
a) title;
b) author(s) name(s) with affiliation(s) and email(s);
c) list of keywords;
d) abstract (not exceeding 300 words);
e) text written in compliance with editorial instructions for the publications in Avant journal;
f) alphabetical list of references.

Manuscripts  should be submitted preferably as .doc, .docx or .odt documents.

II. References, citations and bibliography
According to APA guidelines.

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