Trends in interdisciplinary studies

3rd Avant Conference 2017

About the city

Lublin is one of the oldest cities in Poland with picturesque Old Town. It is an example of cultural melting pot, a place where the cultures of the West and the East meet. The multicultural character of the city can be felt while visiting catholic churches, the old centre for Torah study in Lublin – Chachmei Lublin Yeshiva, eastern Orthodox church and all places where the cultures coexisted together: esp. the Holy Trinity Chapel at the Lublin Castle.


How to get to Lublin?


The Lublin Airport offers 15 direct connections:


The airport is located 12 km from the city. The journey to the center of the city takes:

Warsaw Chopin Airport

You can also fly to Chopin Airport in Warsaw and then get to Lublin by train. The Warsaw airport has connections with over 80 cities.

Leaving Chopin Airport you can take:

Tips for traveling by train from Warsaw to Lublin:

  1. From the Chopin Airport to the Warsaw Central Railway Station
    1. take the S3 TRAIN (one every hour) - more information about Train connections between Chopin Airport and the Warsaw Central Train Station
    2. take a TAXI (cost around 10-15 EUR) - numbers to reliable taxi corporations: +48 22 811 11 11, +48 22 196 22, +48 22 644 44 44
  2. From the Warsaw Central Railway Station take a train to the Lublin Train Station
    1. it costs around 10-15 EUR
    2. the travel from Warsaw to Lublin takes approx. 3.5 hours
    3. the connection search engine
  3. From the Lublin Train Station to the Conference Venue
    1. take a taxi to the Conference Venue or your hotel (it costs approx. 5-10 EUR) or
    2. take a bus (bus numbers to the city center: 13 or 30)
    3. for exact the location of the Conference Venue (Center for Meeting of Cultures) you can zoom in the map on our website: "How to get to Lublin?"


Centre for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin


Plac Teatralny 1
20-029 Lublin