The theory and practice of political freedom in interdisciplinary perspective
Avant, Volume X, Issue 1/2019. ISSN: 2082-6710. Editor: Katarzyna Eliasz

Katarzyna Eliasz: The Theory and Practice of Political Freedom in Interdisciplinary Perspective

1. Wojciech Załuski: On the Relations between Vita Contemplativa and Vita Activa
2. Katarzyna Eliasz: The structure of the concept of political freedom in Hannah Arendt’s philosophy
3. Anna Budzanowska, Tomasz Pietrzykowski: Shaping the Modern Discourse on Liberty. French Intellectual Debates from Revolution to Dreyfus
4. Karol Chrobak: Political freedom as an open question
5. Justyna Miklaszewska: Freedom of speech in modern political culture
6. Michał Zabdyr-Jamróz: Preventing the Atrophy of the Deliberative Stance. Considering Non-Decisional Participation as a Prerequisite to Political Freedom
7. Alessandro Serpe: Hearing Voices of Care. For a Juster Democracy?
8. Tomasz Bekrycht: The idea of positive law – Immanuel Kant’s transcendental argument
9. Szymon Osmola: Corrective Justice, Freedom of Contract, and European Contract Law
10. Szymon Mazurkiewicz: ‘Verdict paradox’ and Liar paradox – how logic can defend the rule of law. A study of the Polish constitutional crisis


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