The theory and practice of political freedom in interdisciplinary perspective
Avant, Volume X, Issue 1/2019. ISSN: 2082-6710. Editor: Katarzyna Eliasz

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Katarzyna Eliasz: The Theory and Practice of Political Freedom in Interdisciplinary Perspective


1. Wojciech Załuski: On the Relations between Vita Contemplativa and Vita Activa

2. Katarzyna Eliasz: The structure of the concept of political freedom in Hannah Arendt’s philosophy

3. Anna Budzanowska, Tomasz Pietrzykowski: Shaping the Modern Discourse on Liberty. French Intellectual Debates from Revolution to Dreyfus

4. Karol Chrobak: Political freedom as an open question

5. Justyna Miklaszewska: Freedom of speech in modern political culture

6. Michał Zabdyr-Jamróz: Preventing the Atrophy of the Deliberative Stance. Considering Non-Decisional Participation as a Prerequisite to Political Freedom

7. Alessandro Serpe: Hearing Voices of Care. For a Juster Democracy?

8. Tomasz Bekrycht: The idea of positive law – Immanuel Kant’s transcendental argument

9. Szymon Osmola: Corrective Justice, Freedom of Contract, and European Contract Law

10. Szymon Mazurkiewicz: ‘Verdict paradox’ and Liar paradox – how logic can defend the rule of law. A study of the Polish constitutional crisis

This publication has been prepared as part of the research grant “The Place of Political Freedom in the Hierarchy of Democratic Values”, founded by the National Science Centre, Poland, on the basis of the decision DEC2016/23/D/HS5/01814.

Cover: photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash. Licence

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