Situating Art and Cognition
Avant, Volume VIII, Issue 1/2017. ISSN: 2082-6710. Editors of the Issue: Witold Wachowski, Agata Koprowicz, Marcin Łysiak.

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1. Ellen Dissanayake: Roots and Route of the Artification Hypothesis
2. Piotr Podlipniak: Tonal Qualia and the Evolution of Music
3. Alejandra Wah: Cognitive Processes Underlying the Artistic Experience
4. Allen Fogelsanger & Kathleya Afanador: Parameters of Perception: Vision, Audition, and Twentieth-Century Music and Dance
5. Hans-Joachim Braun: An Acoustic Turn? Recent Developments and Future Perspectives of Sound Studies
6. Dariusz Brzostek: The Sonoristic Triangle, Or, What Claude Lévi-Strauss Would Have Said About the Sound Culture If He Had Not Talked About Cooking
7. Tomasz Szubart: Why Foot-Tapping is Important but Not Enough? Some Methodological Problems in the Embodied Approach to Musical Meaning
8. Jerzy Luty: Do Animals Make Art or the Evolutionary Continuity of Species: A Case for Uniqueness

1. Mark-Oliver Casper: Long Term Epistemic Actions
2. Alexander Jeuk: Constitution Embodiment
3. Piotr Litwin: Empirical Perspectives on Cognitive Penetrability of Perception
4. Barbara Trybulec: Group as a Distributed Subject of Knowledge: Between Radicalism and Triviality
5. Zsuzsanna Kondor: Representation and Extension in Consciousness Studies
6. Marcin Trybulec: External Representations Reconsidered: Against the Reification of Cognitive Extensions

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