Enactivism: Arguments & Applications. Avant, Volume V, Issue 2/2014. ISSN: 2082-6710. Editors of the Issue: Tomasz Komendziński, Przemysław Nowakowski, Witold Wachowski.

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I. Introduction
Przemysław Nowakowski & Tomasz Komendziński: Cognition as shaking hands with the world

II. Articles
1.  Kenneth Aizawa: The Enactivist Revolution
2.  Pierre Steiner: Enacting anti-representationalism
3.  Krystyna Bielecka: Spread Mind and Causal Theories of Content
4.  Fred Cummins: Agency is Distinct from Autonomy
5.  Qing Li & Ian Winchester: Enactivism and Freedom Education
6.  David A Reid: The coherence of enactivism and mathematics education research
7.  Ralph Ellis: Enactivism and the New Teleology: Reconciling the Warring Camps
8.  Robert Briscoe: Spatial Content and Motoric Significance
9.  Jean-Luc Petit: Naturalizing Husserlian Phenomenology along a Leibnizian Pathway
10.  Shaun Gallagher & Matthew Bower: Making enactivism even more embodied

III. Interviews
1.  Patterns of research. Interview with Shaun Gallagher
2.  The functionalist’s body. Interview with Robert D Rupert

IV. Book Reviews
1.  Patricia Grosse: Feeling Extended
2.  Christopher Drain: The Hand and Cognition? and Intersubjectivity, Agency, Culture, and More

V. Artist of the Issue
Still life like a sort of motion. Interview with Robert Lemay

2/2014, entire issue [4,80MB]

The texts are licensed under: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0.

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