“How it is”. Balka?s Black Box and the strengths and weaknesses of the sensorimotor solution: An Introduction

Victoria Louise Stone

?How should I move forward?? you might ask yourself, as you stand at the threshold confronted by the darkness ahead. Many of us learn from an early age to fear the unfamiliar or the unknown. If the unknown is without light, it can become unjustifiably terrifying. How you approach the unknown is unique, as your first encounter with anything can only really be as an individual. Staring ahead into the black void of ?How it is? you may wonder whether to move ahead at all. ?How it is? simultaneously embodies the unknown and the familiar. The darkness contained in the structure mimics both the architecture of the turbine hall and a shipping container. ?It?s fine!? you reassure yourself. What can possibly be inside? ?How it is? is only complete when you, the viewer, enter the black hole?.

Full text [PDF]

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