Book Review Section


I. “Avant” publishes three types of book review articles: standard reviews, essay reviews, and discussions.
1) A standard review is a review wherein the author discusses and appraises the book, focusing on the pros and cons of the research that it presents;
2) An essay review consists of a standard review and a discussion with the statements of the reviewed book from the point of a (clearly stated) similar or opposing theoretical proposition;
3) A discussion is a form of reviewing more than one book, done by means of connecting or juxtaposing various books, following the aforementioned rules of writing an essay review.
II. A book review published in “Avant” must consist of:
1) At least a short deliberation on the content of the reviewed book:
– in the instance of a monograph: a presentation of the main argumentation of each of its chapters;
– in the instance of books written by more than one author: a presentation of main thematic sections of the book or of its individual chapters;
– the theoretical aims of the reviewed book should be described.
2) Any review should contain the appraisal of the publication.
3) It would also be good, although optional, for the review to contain a short discussion with the book?s statements, as done from a clearly described theoretical perspective assumed by the reviewer.
III. Book reviews submitted to “Avant” should be written in compliance with editorial instructions for the publications

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