A Laboratory of Spring. Avant, Volume IV, Issue 3/2013. ISSN: 2082-6710. Editors of the isssue: Witold Wachowski (managing editor), Monika Włudzik, Przemysław Nowakowski.


I. Introduction
A Laboratory of Spring

II. Diary
Millicent Hodson & Kenneth Archer: Landmarks in the Life of the Reconstructed Sacre. A Diary

III. Articles
1. Pieter C. van den Toorn: From The Firebird to The Rite of Spring: Meter and Alignment in Stravinsky?s Russian-Period Works
2. Hanna Järvinen: “They Never Dance”: The Choreography of Le Sacre du Printemps, 1913
3. Lucy Weir: Primitive Rituals, Contemporary Aftershocks: Evocations of the Orientalist ?Other? in four productions of Le Sacre du printemps
4. Helen Sills: Stravinsky and Time
5. Piotr Przybysz: Music and emotions (translation)
6. Howard Gardner: Igor Stravinsky: The Poetics and Politics of Music (reprint)
7. Timothy D. Taylor: Stravinsky and Others
8. Richard Taruskin: Resisting The Rite

IV. Interview
The Chosen One. An interview with Róża Puzynowska


V. The short Polish version / Skrócona wersja polskojęzyczna
1. Przedmowa
2. Laboratorium wiosny. Wprowadzenie
3. Piotr Przybysz: Muzyka a emocje
4. Streszczenia
5. Przegląd literatury
6. Wybrana. Wywiad z Różą Puzynowską


3/2013, entire issue [PDF 7,42MB]

The texts are licensed under: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0, except for paper by H. Gardner: kind permission of the Holders of the copyright (publication in open access).

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