Laboratory of Spring. Avant, Volume IV, Issue 3/2013. ISSN: 2082-6710. Editors of the isssue: Witold Wachowski (managing editor), Monika Włudzik, Przemysław Nowakowski.


I. Introduction
A Laboratory of Spring

II. Diary
Millicent Hodson & Kenneth Archer: Landmarks in the Life of the Reconstructed Sacre. A Diary

III. Articles
1. Pieter C. van den Toorn: From The Firebird to The Rite of Spring: Meter and Alignment in Stravinsky?s Russian-Period Works
2. Hanna Järvinen: “They Never Dance”: The Choreography of Le Sacre du Printemps, 1913
3. Lucy Weir: Primitive Rituals, Contemporary Aftershocks: Evocations of the Orientalist ?Other? in four productions of Le Sacre du printemps
4. Helen Sills: Stravinsky and Time
5. Piotr Przybysz: Music and emotions (translation)
6. Howard Gardner: Igor Stravinsky: The Poetics and Politics of Music (reprint)
7. Timothy D. Taylor: Stravinsky and Others
8. Richard Taruskin: Resisting The Rite

IV. Interview
The Chosen One. An interview with Róża Puzynowska

V. The short Polish version / Skrócona wersja polskojęzyczna
1. Przedmowa
2. Laboratorium wiosny. Wprowadzenie
3. Piotr Przybysz: Muzyka a emocje
4. Streszczenia
5. Przegląd literatury
6. Wybrana. Wywiad z Różą Puzynowską

3/2013, entire issue [PDF 7,42MB]

This publication has been financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education from the funds for the dissemination of research (DUN) within the framework of publishing activity, contract no. 582/P-DUN/2013, period of implementation: 2013.

The texts are licensed under: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0, except for paper by H. Gardner: kind permission of the Holders of the copyright (publication in open access).

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