Body and Method
Avant, Volume XIII, Issue 1. ISSN 2082-6710. Editors: Filip Stawski & Witold Wachowski

1. Lucía Piquero-Álvarez: E2M – Embodied Emotion in Motion: Developing Dancers’ Tools to Explore Sensorimotor Patterns for Emotion and Peak Performance

2. Klara Łucznik, Joane V. Serrano & John Martin: An Exploration of the Contribution of Embodied, Situated Research Strategies to Cultural Ecosystem Services and Landscape Assessment Frameworks: An Environmental Empathy Case Study

3. Nataliia A. Bukovynska, Iryna V. Chekhovska, Aliona S. Romanova, Yuliia V. Vyshnevska & Natalia V. Lagovska: Legal support of gender policy and the correlation with the concept of “equality of rights”

4. Angelo D. Delliponti: Motor Simulation and Ostensive-Inferential Communication

5. Robert W. Clowes & Gloria Andrada: Situating Mental Depth

6. Yvan I. Russell: Three Problems of Interdisciplinarity

Cover design (using Luca Nicoletti’s picture) by Janusz Matysiak.

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