Controlled hallucination

Przemyslaw Nowakowski

Translation: Anna Karczmarczyk

Focusing on the emulation and it?s derivatives, I would like to introduce You the profile of the American philosopher and cognitivist Rick Gush in the instant version. It?s going to be the introduction to the interesting ?as I see it – as well as the stimulating interview, which we have arranged with Grush this year in August. At for the last part of this section we propose my own text, inspired by the Grush?s researches but linked to them in a rather loosen way, that takes an issue of bodily basics of self-consciousness . Being more precise: of bodily fom of self-consciousness.
Simultaneously I have a pleasure to announce that the emulation-simulation-bodily section will be continued in our magazine- in the context of Grush?s researches as well as other authors.

Full text [PDF]

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