Our GIFT to All of Us: GA(Y)AM: Preface

doi: 10.26913/80s02017.0111.0001


Frank Loesche & Klara Łucznik
with the OTLip17 Committee:
Susan L. Denham, Hannah Drayson, Kathryn B. Francis, Diego S. Maranan, & Michael Punt


This special issue of AVANT is all about Cognitive Innovation. It is not about CogNovo, the interdisciplinary and international doctoral training programme that produced three different Off the Lip events. It is not about Off the Lip 2017, the novel symposium format we developed to collaboratively create a publication resulting in this special issue of AVANT. It is not about the seemingly heterogeneous collection of papers that follow this preface. Collaborative Approaches to Cognitive Innovation required something else, something we are starting to capture in the four GIFT principles. While this special issue is not solely about CogNovo, Off the Lip events, or the content of the following submissions, all these aforementioned elements were necessary to shape our current understanding of Cognitive Innovation, the very process which led to numerous publications, exhibitions, and events during the past three years. In a sense, all of our previous endeavours have culminated in this collection of 26 distinct pieces of work, yet we hope and believe that this special issue also marks a beginning. Let us explain.

Cite as: Loesche, F., Łucznik, K., & OTLip17 Committee. (2017). Our GIFT to all of us: GA(Y)AM: Preface [Special Issue]. AVANT8, 13–16. doi:10.26913/80s02017.0111.0001

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