Off the Lip: Collaborative Approaches to Cognitive Innovation

Avant, Volume VIII, Special Issue. ISBN: 978-83-944622-04-6
Guest Editor: Susan L. Denham
Editors of the Issue: Frank Loesche, Marcin Łysiak


  1. Frank Loesche & Klara Łucznik: Our GIFT to All of Us: GA(Y)AM (Preface)
  2. Michael Punt & Susan L. Denham: Cognitive Innovation, Irony and Collaboration
  3. Tomas R. Colin: Analyzing Ambiguity in the Standard Definition of Creativity
  4. Hannah Drayson: Academic Carelessness, Bootstrapping, and the Cybernetic Investigator
    • Response, by Diego S. Maranan
  5. Michael S. Kristensen, Frank Loesche, & Diego S. Maranan: Navigating Cognitive Innovation
  6. Liam Maloney: Music As Water: The Functions of Music from a Utilitarian Perspective
  7. François Lemarchand: From Computational Aesthetic Prediction for Images to Films and Online Videos
  8. Pamela Gloria Cajilig: Designing Life After the Storm: Improvisations in Post-Disaster Housing Reconstruction As Socio-Moral Practice
  9. Mona Nasser: How Do Selected National Funding Agencies Communicate the Concept of Cognitive Innovation on Their Public Website?
  10. Joanna Griffin: Displacing Creativity: Artists, Space Scientists and Audience-Led Television in 1970s India
    • Response, by Guy Edmonds
  11. Kathryn B. Francis, Agi Haines, & Raluca A. Briazu: Thinkering through Experiments: Nurturing Transdisciplinary Approaches to the Design of Testing Tools
    • First response, by Alexandra Marian, Paula Moldovan, Beatrix Perde, Roxana Vescan, Calin Hopsitar, Doris Rogobete
    • Second response, by Joanna Griffin
  12. Mihaela Taranu & Frank Loesche: Spectres of Ambiguity in Divergent Thinking and Perceptual Switching
  13. Tara Zaksaite, Peter M. Jones, and Chris J. Mitchell: Creativity and Blocking: No Evidence for an Association
  14. Thea Ionescu, Alexandra Marian, Paula Moldovan, Beatrix Perde, Roxana Vescan, Calin Hopsitar, Doris Rogobete, & Ligia Suciu: Integration of Processes in the Study of Insight and Innovation
    • Response, by Vaibhav Tyagi
  15. John Matthias: Creation through Polychronization
  16. Pinar Oztop, Frank Loesche, Diego S. Maranan, Kathryn B. Francis, Vaibhav Tyagi, & Ilaria Torre: (Not So) Dangerous Liaisons: A Framework for Evaluating Collaborative Research Projects
  17. Jess Rymer: An Argument for Investigation into Collaborative, Choreomusical Relationships within Contemporary Performance: A Practical and Theoretical Enquiry into the Distinct Contributions of a Collaborative, Co-creative Approach
    • First response, by Joanne “Bob” Whalley
    • Second response, by Michael Straeubig
  18. Michael Straeubig: Playing with/as Systems: Short Paper, Discussion and Demonstration
  19. Thomas Wennekers, Mathew Emmett, & Susan L. Denham: ConversationPiece II: Displaced and Rehacked
  20. Guy Edmonds & Shaun Lewin: The Displaced ‘Dispositif’
    • First esponse, by Jacqui Knight
    • Second response, by Mark-Paul Meyer
    • Third response, by Aska Sakuta
  21. Klara Łucznik & Frank Loesche: Dance Improvisational Cognition
    • Response, by Eugenia Stamboliev
  22. Monika Chylińska: Counterfactual Imagination as a Mental Tool for Innovation
    • Response, by Hannah Drayson
  23. Thea Ionescu: When Is a Cognitive System Flexible? The VariabilityStabilityFlexibility Pattern on the Way to Novel Solutions
    • First response, by Pinar Oztop
    • Second response, by Kathryn B. Francis
  24. Eugenia Stamboliev: On ‘Spillikin – A Love Story’: Issues around the Humanoid Robot as a Social Actor on Stage
  25. Jane Grant & Joanne “Bob” Whalley: Haunted Bodies: Cell Switching, Getting Lost and Adaptive Geographies
    • Response, by Diego S. Maranan
  26. Jacqui Knight: A Relational Ecology of Photographic Practices
    • First response, by Guy Edmonds
    • Second response, by Pamela Gloria Cajilig
    • Third response, by Michael Punt
    • Fourth response, by Mark-Paul Meyer
  27. Klara Łucznik, Abigail Jackson, Aska Sakuta, & Eleonora Siarava: Let’s Improv It: The Embodied Investigation of Social Collaboration
    • Response, by John Matthias
  28. Contributors to This Issue

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Cover: by Agi Haines, used under CC BY 3.0.

This publication has been financed by the EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie programme (FP7-PEOPLE-2013-ITN-604764) and Plymouth University, under the CogNovo project.

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