Dance Improvisational Cognition

doi: 10.26913/80s02017.0111.0021

Klara Łucznik1,2*, Frank Loesche1,2
1 CogNovo
2 Plymouth University, UK



Research into group creativity with its dynamic, interpersonal, and multi-perspective character poses many challenges, among others, how to collect data and capture its shared nature. In this paper, we discuss the creative process of an ensemble in dance improvisation as an example of vivid and collaborative creative practice. To identify aspects of improvisational dance cognition, we designed and applied a video-stimulated recall approach to capturing the multiple perspectives of the shared creative process. We tested the method during an improvisational session with dancers, showing how the recordings of dancers’ thought narratives and internal states might be used for studying group creativity. Finally, we presented an audiovisual installation Between Minds and Bodies that aimed to recreate the dancers’ experience and offered immersion into the creative process by accessing individual dancer’s thought processes in the improvised performance while watching the dance improvisation.

Keywords: audiovisual installation; dance; group creativity; improvisation;
video-stimulated recall method.

Cite as: Łucznik, K., & Loesche, F. (2017). Dance improvisational cognition [Special Issue]. AVANT8, 227–238. doi:10.26913/80s02017.0111.0021

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Supplementary Materials

Improvisational Dance – Ellen

Improvisational Dance – Kevin

Improvisational Dance – Klara

Improvisational Dance – Saurav


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