A remedy called affordance. Avant, Volume III, Issue 2/2012 (October-December).
Editors of the isssue: Witold Hensel, Dawid Lubiszewski, Przemysław Nowakowski,
Nelly Strehlau, Witold Wachowski. Managing Editor of the issue: Przemysław Nowakowski.

1/2012, entire issue [PDF 4,74MB]


A. Klawiter: What will you do to me when you see me?
Anthony P. Chemero: With the most profound misgivings. Interview
D. Dotov, L. Nie & M. de Wit: Understanding affordances
S. Golonka & A. Wilson: Gibson’s ecological approach
A. Barsingerhorn, F. Zaal, J. Smith & G-J. Pepping: Possibilities for Action
T. Horton, A. Chakraborty & R. Amant: Affordances for robots 
A. Costall: Canonical affordances in context
A. Alsmith: The concept of a structural affordance
M. Dombrowski: Complexity – emergence – ecological cognition
T. Komendziński: Multimodal dynamics of coordination
M.T. Turvey: From Physical Education to Physical Intelligence. Comments  Short Bio
Selected literature on affordances

Embodied Interviews
T. Froese: Sense-making with a little help from my friends. Introduction
E. Di Paolo & H. De Jaegher: Sense-making with… Interview
P. Nowakowski: I told no one. Introduction
F. de Vignemont: How many bodies we can find in one mind… Interview

Book Reviews
D. Lubiszewski: The redness of red
D. Lubiszewski: Complexity is around us
A. Tuszyński: Bringing sociality into the realm of the brain physics
M. Karpiński: Language in Action

Studies on Musical Practise
D. Menin & A. Schiavio: Rethinking Musical Affordances
Interviews with Marcin Oleś and Bartłomiej Brat Oleś

Artist of the issue
Teresa Young: Painting from the Inside Out

bilingual version of the issue

This online version of the journal (ISSN: 2082-6710) is a referential version.

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